Dance Performance & Workshop for Year 7-13

Dance Performance – Down Beneath Zero

The Dance Performance: Down Beneath Zero

From the streets to the ice…

The interactive Down Beneath Zero takes the audience from the confines of a city skate park to the expanse of Antarctica.

Java Dance takes us on an icy journey inspired by Our Far South, a Morgan Foundation project aimed at raising New Zealanders’ awareness of the area south of Stewart Island.

Download the Down Beneath Zero schools resource here.

Dance Performance – Down Beneath Zero



The Workshops: How to turn an idea into movement

Practical Dance Workshops inspire students to choreograph and communicate through dance.

Learn a short section of the performance and experience how the choreography is made.

Students will be given the tools to translate an idea into movement and create their own dance.

Class plans, resources and links to the curriculum are part of the Java Dance Company package