Back of the Bus
Dance Performance and Workshops for Young People and Schools

Dance that gets under your skin

We capture audiences all over the world with dance theatre that clambers into the senses.

Current Projects

The Creamery

    The Creamery, the third work in the Artisan Series. Rivalry, love and the mob spring from a tactile world of milk, herbs and dripping wax as the curds are separated from the whey.    

The Wine Project

    “There in the glass was the soil of a place and in that soil a soul” The Wine Project invites you into a world of intrigue and aroma, of ritual and revelry, of sex and power. The second work in the Artisan Series.

Back of the Bus

Come ride on a bus through the streets of your city as dancers propel themselves along the aisles and hang from the roof. Physical comedy,...