RISE is an original dance theatre production that explores the creation of community through the baking of bread. Take raw instinct & basic physical need, mix with wheat, water, honey, yeast & salt then knead, rise bake, serve & eat.

RISE is the transformation of raw instinct into ritual, of wheat into bread, and of an audience into a community.


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“I thought RISE was just exquisite! I absolutely loved it, best STAB show I’ve ever seen. I hope it has a long long life.”

Branwen Millar, Playwright


“Covered in flour and dough trembling with exhaustion these performers launch out into new and unknown vistas artistically.”

Lyne Pringle, Theatreview


“Everything about it was stupendous, from the stunning concept of using the discovery of bread as an allegory of the development of human civilisation and community, to the sensual and tactile engagement of performers and audience with the flour, the dough and finally the bread, to the sweeping palette of emotions that the dance engendered, from puzzlement, through sheer fun, to pathos.”

Colin, Audience Member


RISE Premiered at BATS 22 October 2011 as a STAB commission with support Creative NZ and Wellington City Council