Dance for NZ Dance Week!!!

Java Dance Company will teach you a short punchy routine.

Watch the videos below and learn any or all of the choreography

to take up the 30 second challenge for NZ Dance Week

Flashmob – Group 1 Video

Flashmob – Group 2 Video

Flashmob – Group 3 Video

Flashmob – Group 4 Video

Flashmob – Group 5 Video

Let’s get New Zealand dancing!!!


The 30 Second Dance Challenge is a fun and simple way for you to get involved in NZ Dance Week in your normal, every day environment. We want you to film yourself, your family, friends or your colleagues/workmates dancing for a minimum of 30 seconds.
Filming can take place anywhere! For example you could film in your home, at your school, or in your workplace. And how you dance is entirely up to you! You can improvise a 30 second jig or do a group routine.

We then want you to post the video to Facebook and share it to the DANZ Facebook page or use the #NZDANCEWEEK2016

Let’s try and make this challenge go viral!